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Oct. 24th, 2005

11:24 pm - Thinking

So I was thinking today why I haven't used this site a long time. Now I know...I have like at least 2 very curious friends who need to know everything. So finally if they know everything Im tired of typing, talking or thinking. But its good that Aki also has a phone now at home. SO I don't need to call on a mobile. It was very uselful on Sunday...although there should be some chance to make converence calls...like on mobiles. As I talk the talk always doubble...and then tripple and usually also the fourth time.
Some more people sometimes care..but not too many. Of course they are different people. they are not living the life as I do....me and my girlies (4 of them). Usually I go out only with them, meet strange and also interesting people with them, also get crazy with them, have the early morning reports with them and discuss what are MEN :). Oh and if one of us is missing we all start calling in the morning and we never forget report of last night. Only if we know that someone is Busy :P. But good interruption is allowed!!!

I have noticed that I have different friends... some know more some less...some just know something.
But I try to talk more in here... although today again im talked until I was empty but Im so so happy. I feel like in love although I just finished one interestin relationship...hmmm but we are still friends...or I will see when I see him on 24H bar ..hahahaa. Its a funny place. LAst time I was there - I met 3 of my friends and all of them are male...so at least one got dissapointed :P or just something. Anyway I love the Old Town!!!!

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Sep. 26th, 2005

11:32 pm - Hello - I m back...almost ;)

So I haven't written in here so long time. Last time I wrote it was when I was still in the lovley Borlänge. Oh these were the days. Yeah now my days are strange....fun and scary. I think Im talking too much with too many people. So thats one problem :).
At least you don't have to read about how sad Im that Im not in Sweden. At the time Im looking my so called perfect job. It means a job which pays so I could live (hmm I go out at least once a weekend + other happenings) and it something I could guit like easily. Thats because I might have some ideas to go another places. I think having foreign friends is even sometimes bad...especially when they tell you often: you should come and work here, I can help you find a job, you an stay at my place for one month. Come on who tells you that kind of things- it makes me wanna go but at the time I have school...so I will see what I think about 1 schoolyear ;).

I have also found out that Tallinn is so so small. Especially all the foreigners (english speaking) know eachother. So if I met one person and then another one..then I can easly know that they know eachother also. Sometimes its even a bit scary....as some people know me as an angel and some as a devil ;). Im not sure who am...just say that Im angel until my hands get tired...(its an inside joke and you should be very smart to get that...)

OK..now to s leep as I had a weekend without sleep: every morning at 10 am home... 2 hours sleep and then out again. Stupid me- why I never learn oh yeah I have to do my research ;P.


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May. 18th, 2005

05:25 pm - "Perfect day"

Woke up: throat hurted, couldnt swallow. Nose was running. Now my eye is red and crying, and is smaller- think its an eye infeection. Tomorrow I have a big event- I need to speak infront of 76 people (hmmm my sick throat...)....and i should look good (hmmm my red eye. Just hope for the best!

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May. 16th, 2005

04:35 pm - Sad and Happy together....

...yes that is how I feel this week. Have said already two goodbyes and Friday we have a biiig party. Sad...although happy to have such friends as they are here. Love them.
And I think I have made my life in here already very confusing and its time to leave from here...although I misss everything in here already. Oh how many dears there will come. Happy that I go soon to Latvia- something to do.

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Current Music: maroon 5 "This Love"

May. 13th, 2005

04:51 pm

So Im back from Gävle. i stayed one night more...I promised to come back on thursday but decided to come back Friday morning at 7:02 train so right on time to Swedish exam. And today its 13th and Friday. Ohjeah...We will see if the day is good or bad...at the moment its exactly in the middle- two good things had happened and two bad/sad things.So I have to see what life brings me in the evening.
Gävle..hmm didn't much see it- fortunately I have been there before so didn't miss much. Had nice dinner andevening walk. Good. But still I don't know anything. Maybe its good...perhaps. But we alwatys have msn :). I like this sentence. Me and Kristin thought that we should put this sentence in out International party (hmm don't mention the organizing of it). Nice to have things to think about. And today I probably don't go out because tomorrow ther eis another exam- and a stupid one. Who can use their logical thinking at 9 o'clock in the morning???!!! My logical thinking says - saturday morning at 9 sleep, don't wake up! Jep but it isn't what teacher wants to know :).

Anyway I found a nice song for myself ( Smilers "Rikutud syda") :
# ma ootasin juhust
et kaduda siit
ootasin rongi mis mind minema viiks
olin taas teinud asju
mida hiljem veel kindlasti - kahetsen
miks ma iialgi ei õpi vigadest ..... #

igatahes on see tore...ja ma avastasin selle alles nyyd...mnjah eesti muusika on tore rootsis olles eriti...Pean mötlema mida kasutada International Party'l :)

Oih Im so sleepy ( 8 hours sleep divided to two days...and then exams...and then parties...sunday I can sleep - MAYBE..oh that word)

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Current Music: Smilers "Rikutud syda"

May. 11th, 2005

12:01 pm

Today Im living a wierd day...feeling or even i don't know what. Im just very very strange adn thats exactly who I really am. Talking rubbish, talking strange things and usualy nobody understands me. At least I don't understand..sometimes. Today I will go to Gävle...to have a nice rest and come bakc with a clear head...so one night there...hopefully Im smiling and understand everything.

Now I listen to Swedish music ...and some other...at the moment Carola " Genom allt". If only somebody could translate all of the song to me...Oh I have my swedsih exam soon...study study

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Current Music: Jonny Lang "Breaking me"

May. 9th, 2005

12:05 pm

I just dislike this stage at the moment...the sadness because of leaving, the nervous thing because of those two exams what i will ahve on party days.
But I love friends who make me feel good...and dancing to forget my problems :)...what then seem so small :)
Love it!

Current Mood: confusedbut positive

May. 7th, 2005

04:16 pm

Ok now I just don't get men anymore but who cares. Just getting 5 messages per day is nice somehow. I like it also. Hmm and yesterday I spoke swedish because the guy (again) couldn't speak english...keeps me wondering if he also has a child. Yes i promised Steffi to ask it...maybe today :) It should be fun. Ok today...BBQ, Benjamin birthday (HAppy Bday for you) and then S2 probably...hmmm today nobody special there ( Im always on wrong time there). Happens. And yesterday I found out that I can go one club for free ;)...its nice to know people...but why he told me this now. I just have one weekend to go there now. Damn.
Preparations for international Party goes well...concerning that some people don't want to dance...but they'll see that its fun soon...and they will regret it. Supposedly. So now I just have to make dance steps only for one dance more...but i've run out of ideas and from TV there aren't any nice steps coming. We'll see MAYBE (why I still use this word...should use perhaps...i have to learn that) I get an inspiration today, in Stvå...with (Hopefully) different music than Flamingo. And of course spanish food will help me too ;)
Fingers crossed- lycka till!

May. 1st, 2005

08:20 pm

It has been wierd...had a crying session last wednesday...nice that I have friends who will give me hugs and help me. then on Thursaday i went to uppsala to celebrate Volber with swedish tradition. Ok it worked almost. I really couldnt drink champiagn on Saturday morning at 9 o'clock. Otherwise...super time on thursday being out in Stockholms nation. Super. met so many people, had so much fun,.....talked too much and so much. Also I talked german...hmm.
friday wasn't so nice... but i had a bit sun. evening was a bit bad. i had a feever and one other nation whích sucked, maybe because I wasn't drunkat all...and i wa sick. SO early to bed. Oh and i got trolley drive!!! And this time i have pictures ;).
Saturday was nice...we went again to Stockholms and before we met people- i talked finish now...good. And then had super nice dance. At day time i bought new earings but I lost them in the evening...saaaad. Also I met new people and had fun. Lots of laugh.
*By the way Autralians are very teachy! ( don't go in the story...but just have to tell)

Now I only have to finish my swedish paper...also I miss somebody...and i sent a stupid message...Stupid me....back being in Wednesday....

Tomorrow hopefully I feel better.

Apr. 26th, 2005

05:41 pm

ma isegi ei teamida hetkel möelda...vaid loota oskan...

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