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Hello - I m back...almost ;) - miisu

Sep. 26th, 2005

11:32 pm - Hello - I m back...almost ;)

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So I haven't written in here so long time. Last time I wrote it was when I was still in the lovley Borlänge. Oh these were the days. Yeah now my days are strange....fun and scary. I think Im talking too much with too many people. So thats one problem :).
At least you don't have to read about how sad Im that Im not in Sweden. At the time Im looking my so called perfect job. It means a job which pays so I could live (hmm I go out at least once a weekend + other happenings) and it something I could guit like easily. Thats because I might have some ideas to go another places. I think having foreign friends is even sometimes bad...especially when they tell you often: you should come and work here, I can help you find a job, you an stay at my place for one month. Come on who tells you that kind of things- it makes me wanna go but at the time I have school...so I will see what I think about 1 schoolyear ;).

I have also found out that Tallinn is so so small. Especially all the foreigners (english speaking) know eachother. So if I met one person and then another one..then I can easly know that they know eachother also. Sometimes its even a bit scary....as some people know me as an angel and some as a devil ;). Im not sure who am...just say that Im angel until my hands get tired...(its an inside joke and you should be very smart to get that...)

OK..now to s leep as I had a weekend without sleep: every morning at 10 am home... 2 hours sleep and then out again. Stupid me- why I never learn oh yeah I have to do my research ;P.


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