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Thinking - miisu

Oct. 24th, 2005

11:24 pm - Thinking

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So I was thinking today why I haven't used this site a long time. Now I know...I have like at least 2 very curious friends who need to know everything. So finally if they know everything Im tired of typing, talking or thinking. But its good that Aki also has a phone now at home. SO I don't need to call on a mobile. It was very uselful on Sunday...although there should be some chance to make converence calls...like on mobiles. As I talk the talk always doubble...and then tripple and usually also the fourth time.
Some more people sometimes care..but not too many. Of course they are different people. they are not living the life as I do....me and my girlies (4 of them). Usually I go out only with them, meet strange and also interesting people with them, also get crazy with them, have the early morning reports with them and discuss what are MEN :). Oh and if one of us is missing we all start calling in the morning and we never forget report of last night. Only if we know that someone is Busy :P. But good interruption is allowed!!!

I have noticed that I have different friends... some know more some less...some just know something.
But I try to talk more in here... although today again im talked until I was empty but Im so so happy. I feel like in love although I just finished one interestin relationship...hmmm but we are still friends...or I will see when I see him on 24H bar ..hahahaa. Its a funny place. LAst time I was there - I met 3 of my friends and all of them are male...so at least one got dissapointed :P or just something. Anyway I love the Old Town!!!!

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Date:June 25th, 2008 12:31 am (UTC)
Прикольный пост... :)
Всегда завидовала творческим людям... Когда нибудь и я научусь...
Буду очень признательна, если поможете мне победить в конкурсе красоты.
Победа в этом конкурсе ОЧЕНЬ много для меня значит! Заранее благодарна всем, кто откликнется на мою просьбу.

С Уважением, Вера.
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